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Deep Dive On Lucas

Lucas Mason is a guitarist and vocalist focused on live performance and delivering compelling covers from the 70s to today. His percussive playing style, powerful vocals, and thoughtful solos highlight his extensive song catalogue.

Starting at thirteen, Lucas began filling his spare time behind a guitar. Enamored by the greats and driven by the joy of music, through college he was collaborating with local R&B, Folk, and Rock artists. Fate and luck landed him in a jam band among best friends that found local success and surely, what fate gave also took. 

Focused on family and strengthening relationships, live music became secondary, tertiary and out of focus. However times change. Awakened by a sense of urgency and exacerbated by a pandemic, what was opaque became sharp. Twenty years later, Lucas realized that not pursuing a dream is worse than any failure in pursuit and that ships are safe in harbor but that's not what ships are for.

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